TWISTED by Lyall

December 11, 2008

Thinking of  ‘Twisted’ I immediately delved into my darker side and the dark music that is it’s soundtrack.  The one band that came out of there that I thought are incredulously sick and twisted was Cannibal Corpse.

This consistent five-piece has been breathing and bleeding perversion for 20 years now. They have released ten studio albums in this time, with an eleventh due early 2009.

In the context of my Twisted entry today, the only really way to put across this bands cruelty on the ears and eyes is by showing you their lyrics and artwork of the most twisted variety.

In 1988 Chris Barnes lead the band vocally, and his bitter verbal revenge on the women that have walked all over him could not have been more severe in the bands early recordings.  On their debut album Eaten Back To Life, Barnes unleashes wicked scorn through titles such as ‘Shredden Humans’ and ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’.


Tomb Of The Mutilated 1992 (Image Source: Wikipedia)

It got worse though, as his vendetta against women became very much more evident just before his departure from the band. On 1992’s Tomb Of The Mutilated Barnes describes in great detail on super-shockers such as ‘Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s C***’ and ‘F***** with a Knife’. This lyricist was truly twisted.

When Barnes left, George ‘Corpse-grinder’ Fisher took the singing helm and the band excelled into their most successful period. However, their twisted lyrics and twisted nature were more diversely explored too.

On the highly acclaimed Gallery Of Suicide album from 1998, the band transcribe sheer dark brutality through songs such as ‘From Skin To Liquid’ and ‘Dismembered And Molested’. Through lines such as ‘Every bone broken is my goal, sucking the marrow from your fractured femurs’ and ‘his blood drips from my mouth, I bit his larynx out’ the band create a feeling of sheer despair and the down-tuned, gruff sound the guitars run with accentuated that sound.

The band continue to shock and horror with their gory sound and words to this day  and recent albums such as ‘The Kill’ and ‘The Wretched Spawn’ have been widely recognised for their imagination and musical accomplishments.

Cannibal Corpse: The epitome of Twisted.


TWISTED by Anika

December 11, 2008

I had to check the word ‘Twisted’ in the dictionary. Clearly, I have heard it thousands of times, but when asked to write about the meaning of the word, I was not sure what it really meant.

It’s funny, when I think about it. One of my favourite songs is called “Twisted” by Skunk Anansie. I was always wondering why the song is called that.

The refrain goes like this:

Every day hurts a little bit more

And I’ll do anything

Yes, I’ll do anything

To belong, to be strong

To say there’s nothing wrong

Here is the video to check out the whole song:

The song is about a twisted truth, about being seemingly happy, but feeling the opposite deep inside you. I think a lot of people feel like that or twist the truth in that way, because it is just the easiest way not to deal with worries and problems.

The song means so much to me, because I was stuck in such a role play for my whole childhood. My father is a very successful businessman who was working his arse off to earn enough money in order to buy a big house with sauna, pool and a garage for his Mercedes. But he forgot one thing: His family. Even though I was living with him for twenty years, he was a stranger to me all my life. However, he wanted to show people that he can a successful businessman AND a great father. That is why he forced me to attend various events where I had to show everyone how much I love my father.

My mother realized how twisted this was. However, she encouraged me to play the game as it is just the easiest way. The truth is a really complex and difficult thing, never simple and often hard to deal with. So, a lot of people make their life easier by just pretending to be something else. I think, most of them don’t even realize how much they lie to themselves.

How often do people ask you, how you are feeling? And how many times do you say “good, thanks” when you actually feel miserable? Who wants to know that you are miserable anyway? The cashier in Sainsbury’s doesn’t, the taxi driver doesn’t, maybe even the people you work with on a regular basis don’t care if you feel miserable. They just ask you how are you feeling to be polite or to start a conversation.

Or what about gay people? I know a lot of gay people who had a lot of trouble accepting their sexuality. They often have relationships with the opposite sex, even though they are not sexually attracted to them. This is the easiest way to deal with it – not to deal with it at all. But what is that for a life when you have to reject who you are?

That does not only apply to gay people, but to everyone. Everyone twists the truth concerning who they are and what they feel at some point. And I don’t think that this is always a good thing. Since I stopped playing that “happy family” game, my life has become a bit harder, but I feel relieved, free and like myself. I think we should all be more honest to ourselves and behave according to our real thoughts and feelings. It is hard, I know – but in the long run life is so much better without twisted truths.


December 11, 2008

Twisted; for many can be a way of describing the state they’ll get into on a Friday night after consuming lots of alcohol and other mind altering substances. It can also be a dark word related to lies and dishonesty.

But on the mention of the word, hoards of child hood memories coming flooding back to me, (not because I was a child drug addict though). Here a few of the objects that spring to mind, and take me back……


Delicious twisted fleshy pink and white marshmallow; the perfect sugar rush for children without the weight of a chocolate bar, making it the perfect treat for any time of the day.


Image Source: Crunch Magazine

A romantic teenage game which lets you get tangled up with the other competitors. If you’re a beginner at the game, removing your socks is the best advice I can give. Also beware of more adult, nude versions of the game.


Image Source: File

Twister Ice Lolly
The Walls Ice- Cream Classic. My favourite ice- cream variety of all time. Cream and ice are twisted around a strawberry center. Pure perfection!

enan146l Twisted ankles on the school playing fields, the ultimate excuse for getting out of games or PE! My blessed rural upbringing meant that there were plenty of culprits to blame on such injuries, such as rabbit holes or mole hills!

By Tori

HOME by Lyall

December 11, 2008

The word home simply reminds me of Derbyshire, where I was brought up. I’ve always been forward thinking, cosmopolitan and when I was living in Derbyshire my head was never really there. It was always everywhere else in the world, where I would see myself in the future; London, New York, The U.S., India, China… Therefore I’ve never consciously been proud of that county and it’s heritage and used turn away in a snide twist of the body from the over patriots in the area who’d harp on about it.

But since I moved to London just over a year ago, I’ve never felt more at home back up North, and never waste a moment drilling the scenery and history into everyone I’ve taken up there or not as the case may be. I just never appreciated how lucky I was to live for 17 years between two lush green hills, in a quiet, friendly village surrounded by people who just loved their existence.

I’m not saying I miss it so much I have to go back, and I am miserable down here; like I said I’m forward thinking. I lived there- it’s in the past. I’ve build and am still building a life for myself in the city where my roots were grown, and I was grown funnily enough, and my future as a journalist here. But I am, sometimes, definitely home sick.

So in my blog I want to try to share to you the beauty of my home county in a way that is actually interesting. Rather than shoveling some generic pictures of any old green hills on a sunny day, grossly over-zealous and untrue, I am going to show you some photographs I took from the front of my house, overlooking the valley of Lea.





HOME by Sophie

December 10, 2008

Home is usually thought of as a place. But more and more I have been finding a home in everything.
I think we find home within things that make us feel human.

I find home within anything from my childhood

I find home within exploration
I find home within road trips

People of course!

Old photos

Carry Me, Ohio –Sun Kil Moon

A change of season
Strange. But in cemeteries
And nature!

The list goes on.

These are all bits and pieces that guide and comfort me.
But what creating this list has made me realize is that when I describe home I am describing me.

HOME by Skinns

December 10, 2008

Going home to Hull now means decent food, a place where it’s warmer inside than it is outside and of course a place where me and my friends can be obliterated from alcohol abuse for less than ten pounds. It also means that I have to re-learn manners around my parent’s, tell them my plans and display some form of responsibility with my money.

Today though I’m not going to give emotional descriptions of how much I miss home, tell you how magnificent my homes are both here in London for Uni and my true home. No instead I am going to share the song of my summer. At the Connect Festival in Scotland, I was asked as part of a survey what song reminded me of home. So here it is.

HOME by Tori

December 10, 2008

Village Green near the Woolpack, Debenham!

Village Green near the Woolpack, Debenham!

Image from Debenham Parish Council

Home for me has for a long time been Kilburn, London, but for some obvious reasons, every time I speak to either parent, especially Dad, he always says, “when you coming HOME then?” Now I can understand that it is the family home which I was brought up in, where my patrents still live, and where I will always be able to take refuge, but seriously Dad, I moved out 6 years ago! It is sweet and endearing however; don’t get me wrong I’m not being ungrateful.

Having lived in London for three years now, it has become my home. I’m not saying that I prefer it to Debenham, Suffolk, but it is the centre of my life now. Debenham (a small rural village on the River Deben, not the Department store on Oxford Street) is where I spent the first fifteen years of my life and it couldn’t be further from Kilburn High Road if it tried. Everybody knows everyone, and talks about them a lot. If there is a burglary in the village, the local busy bodies usually have their theories about who it was (and are usually right!) To be mugged or randomly attacked in Debenham is practically unheard of whereas in Kilburn is a daily occurrence. I got mugged on the Harrow Road a couple of months ago and if I hadn’t been so drunk I’m sure I would have been very frightened. My parents were so horrified when I told them.

Debenham is a picturesque village, the place Christmas cards are made of. It is a stones throw away from Aspall, home of the recently elected Greatest Cider in the World, and other local landmarks include Debebnham’s Teapot Pottery (owned by Tony Carter) Framlingham Castle, Woodbridge School and Bury St Edmunds Cathedral surrounded by Abbey Gardens. Oh and not forgetting Portman Road, home to Ipswich Town Football Club, and previously the home to eight murdered prostitutes!!! Ipswich isn’t the loveliest spot on the Suffolk map but does have it’s redeeming features. I’ll try and think of them by the end of the week.

The loveliest part of Debenham is it’s ratio of pubs to populus; The Woolpack, (has a capacity of about fifteen people comfortably), The Angel, The Cherry Tree, and The Red Lion, and this is one of the only ways which Debenham is similar to Kilburn. Kilburnites and Debenhamites have one thing in common, they like a drink! And the masses of pubs in both places is evidence of that.

No matter where I end up in this world, wherever it be, I’ll always have a home in Debenham. I have a lot of memories from that small village, most of which, surprisingly enough include getting drunk……

Roll on Christmas in Debenham!