DREAM by Anika

December 12, 2008

The word “dream” has a positive connotation. The first thing that pops into people’s minds might be the dream of freedom, liberty, a family or just something that you are not – yet. However, I don’t think it is my place to talk about the wonderful sides of dreams, as there are much more positive thinking people out there. I am the big, grumpy pessimist so that is why the word “nightmare” lights up in big, red letters in my mind when I hear the word “dream”.

I have nightmares pretty much every night. Yes, you can actually get used to them. It is like taking medicine. It tastes horrible, but you know you have to take it in order to get better. I think it is the same with nightmares. They are not very pleasant, but my psyche needs to deal with my problems at some point. If I don’t deal with them consciously, my psyche will force me to. I guess that is some kind of medicine as well.

Only sometimes I am really scared of going to sleep. But the only scary thing is when nightmares come true.

I just came across a very touching poem by a 14-year-old, named Sylvia Hart. It deals with the unpleasant aspect of dreams and says exactly what I am thinking:

They say dreams never do come true..
But they are wrong, I say they do
I dream of violence, I dream of hurt
I dream of children, they live in dirt
I dream of you, I dream of me
I dream of how this was never meant to be
I dream of my feelings, I dream of my thoughts
I dream of these things, I dream of them lots
I dream of my loved ones, I dream of the dead
I dream of these thoughts, exploding my head
I dream of you yelling, I dream of you crying
I dream of you hiding, I dream of you lying
I dream of you hurting, I dream of you shutting me out of your life
I dream of the of the only one I can trust, I dream of my knife.
They say dreams never do come true,
But they are wrong, I say they do.


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