DREAM by Jade

December 12, 2008


Image Source: Universe-Review.ca

Do Dreams Really Solve Our Problems?

Do you ever remember your dreams? Do you believe they serve a purpose, or the contrary, that they are down to chance?

Many psychological schools have tried to tackle the fundamentals of these questions. I find the realm of these theories fascinating and believe that, as with everything in life, a balance between them is the answer.

The Psychodynamic School, the fundamental approach to psychology established by Sigmund Freud, suggests that different scenarios and images within dreams have specific meanings.

The Cognitive School, my particular favourite and the approach I will be discussing  in this blog, states that we solve intellectual problems through dreaming.

I find myself looking back to last year when I started work at The Westbury cocktail bar in Kilburn. Learning the combinations of copious cocktails seemed an almost impossible task. I then proceeded to dream of  making them every night.

Of course, back then, I thought this was a waste of dreaming time! But now, when reflecting, I just think of how helpful they were in aiding my mixology skills.

Let’s hope we can dream our way through all obstacles, however ironically, I think that wish will remain a dream.


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2 Responses to “DREAM by Jade”

  1. Drea Says:

    I have had a first hand experience of problem sloving through dreaming. When I was about 10 I had a dream about learning my 7 times table – I was jumping off mountains into pools of water, each time a jumped into the water it would tell me the answer to a sum. Ever since that night of dreaming I will never forget my 7 times table!

  2. jade Says:

    why has my second picture been taken away?

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