DREAM by Skinns

December 12, 2008

Occasionally, time passes by so quickly you think you’ve dreamt it. Kings of Leon at the 02 Arena was one such occasion. It was like a drunken stupor, you’re not quite sure if you’ve actually experienced it, although bruised limbs, a sore throat and clothes drenched with sweat tend to give reasonable evidence to suggest otherwise.

Dreams you have in your sleep are really very odd, how my mind conjures up such bizarre tales defies belief. But last night at the 02 was one such occasion where the venue, the band and everything seemed so unbelievably good that it seemed impossible that I wasn’t in a brilliant dream. There were times when I would look up and around, see the vast crowd, look back and see my favourite band of all time, see my flatmate smiling next to me, it was almost gig nirvana.

What rudely awoke me from this dream however was the realisation that my phone had fallen out my pocket and the chances are that it had been propelled along the floor at high speed and crushed. Happily though it took mere seconds for me to slip back into the dream and possibly one of the best nights of my life.


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