DREAM by Lyall

December 12, 2008

Do daydreams count as real dreams? This is a matter of wide psyche-debate and some of my friends are convinced they do count as real dreams. One or more of them speak about daydreams as night dreams, confusing me no-end. I sit and listen to an elaborate dream thinking ‘how can an unconscious mind think of such an appropriate scenario for how he/ she’s feeling at this time?’. ‘Oh wait it’s because he/ she is actually awake and thinking it up!’.

On the Sleep.com forum, dream enthusiasts are arguing out of this world and one contributor dreamed up the perfect discussion for my blog post,

“Do daydreams count as dreams? What if you daydream most of your day? Well I do. I have this job at a family company and it gets busy then slow busy then slow and so on. So I spend alot of my time daydreaming. But daydreaming of a better life then here in Michigan. I have been with the same person for almost 9 years and have children but feel like things are just not working anymore. And my d.dreams are starting to be of me happy with someone else living in a completely different state. And I am starting to try less and less at this relationship because of it. It is like they are so real that at that moment i am happy. What do I do about this?”

It could be interpreted that this user is looking for the excuse that his daydreams are dreams, and out of his control, feeling guilty for wondering about his future in such a way. But the responses are endless…

There is an important difference between diurnal (day) and nocturnal (night) dreaming. Diurnal dreaming occurs when one is consciously awake while nocturnal dreaming occurs in sleep. Diurnal dreaming is wishful thinking which we all do and escapism is probably its main feature. Nocturnal dreaming arises from the subconscious and is normally beyond the control of one’s consciousness.

“Those persons who feel trapped in misery or who feel they have lost control over their lives find sanity and escapism in day dreaming. For most of us most of the the time our thoughts are either in the past or in the future but seldom, indeed, are we aware of the present; almost immediately we become aware of the present our consciousness drifts away from it.”

This is an interesting discussion and I throughly recommend checking it out and posting your opinion’s on comments below this post. The same discussion would be very Wandersee.


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