December 11, 2008

Twisted; for many can be a way of describing the state they’ll get into on a Friday night after consuming lots of alcohol and other mind altering substances. It can also be a dark word related to lies and dishonesty.

But on the mention of the word, hoards of child hood memories coming flooding back to me, (not because I was a child drug addict though). Here a few of the objects that spring to mind, and take me back……


Delicious twisted fleshy pink and white marshmallow; the perfect sugar rush for children without the weight of a chocolate bar, making it the perfect treat for any time of the day.


Image Source: Crunch Magazine

A romantic teenage game which lets you get tangled up with the other competitors. If you’re a beginner at the game, removing your socks is the best advice I can give. Also beware of more adult, nude versions of the game.


Image Source: File

Twister Ice Lolly
The Walls Ice- Cream Classic. My favourite ice- cream variety of all time. Cream and ice are twisted around a strawberry center. Pure perfection!

enan146l Twisted ankles on the school playing fields, the ultimate excuse for getting out of games or PE! My blessed rural upbringing meant that there were plenty of culprits to blame on such injuries, such as rabbit holes or mole hills!

By Tori


2 Responses to “TWISTED by Tori”

  1. anikagoldhahn Says:

    Hey Tori,

    remember to credit the pictures.

  2. jadelori Says:

    Nice, like the play on word!

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