TWISTED by Skinns

December 11, 2008

To avoid mental break down my advice would be to become a little bit twisted. All great artists, musicians and writers were or are twisted. Usually because of drugs or because they have grown up a little too isolated from the rest of the world…and have disfigurements…or twitches.

People are obsessed in the twisted. It is the stretching of the creative minds that results in people frowning and mouthing ‘what the f***?!’

Look at the film industry; horror films galore. What people forget when they watch these films is that someone will have written that script and you begin to understand the more twisted people are the more interested people in their work. Francis Bacon for instance, insanely warped, yet he is regarded as one of the greatest artists to have ever lived.

Of course there are levels of what is regarded part of a person’s creative personality, what makes them unique and what makes them mentally ill. For instance I’m not going to start saying “why so serious?” but I willingly drink Baileys. Not all the time of course, I’m not an old woman.

Personally if I’m called twisted it’s because I have been too blatant with a comment. It doesn’t mean I’m mentally deformed. Although I’m sure I have been accused of such a thing.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure which in some way makes them twisted but only in other people’s eyes. And anyway if people didn’t then we couldn’t mock each other. Some people like marmite, Turkish delight, Phil Collins….sick, twisted people.


One Response to “TWISTED by Skinns”

  1. anikagoldhahn Says:

    This comment has nothing to do with your most recent post. I just wanted to let you know how funny it is that you manage to talk about your drinking behaviour in every single post. 😀

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