TWISTED by Lyall

December 11, 2008

Thinking of  ‘Twisted’ I immediately delved into my darker side and the dark music that is it’s soundtrack.  The one band that came out of there that I thought are incredulously sick and twisted was Cannibal Corpse.

This consistent five-piece has been breathing and bleeding perversion for 20 years now. They have released ten studio albums in this time, with an eleventh due early 2009.

In the context of my Twisted entry today, the only really way to put across this bands cruelty on the ears and eyes is by showing you their lyrics and artwork of the most twisted variety.

In 1988 Chris Barnes lead the band vocally, and his bitter verbal revenge on the women that have walked all over him could not have been more severe in the bands early recordings.  On their debut album Eaten Back To Life, Barnes unleashes wicked scorn through titles such as ‘Shredden Humans’ and ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’.


Tomb Of The Mutilated 1992 (Image Source: Wikipedia)

It got worse though, as his vendetta against women became very much more evident just before his departure from the band. On 1992’s Tomb Of The Mutilated Barnes describes in great detail on super-shockers such as ‘Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s C***’ and ‘F***** with a Knife’. This lyricist was truly twisted.

When Barnes left, George ‘Corpse-grinder’ Fisher took the singing helm and the band excelled into their most successful period. However, their twisted lyrics and twisted nature were more diversely explored too.

On the highly acclaimed Gallery Of Suicide album from 1998, the band transcribe sheer dark brutality through songs such as ‘From Skin To Liquid’ and ‘Dismembered And Molested’. Through lines such as ‘Every bone broken is my goal, sucking the marrow from your fractured femurs’ and ‘his blood drips from my mouth, I bit his larynx out’ the band create a feeling of sheer despair and the down-tuned, gruff sound the guitars run with accentuated that sound.

The band continue to shock and horror with their gory sound and words to this day  and recent albums such as ‘The Kill’ and ‘The Wretched Spawn’ have been widely recognised for their imagination and musical accomplishments.

Cannibal Corpse: The epitome of Twisted.


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