HOME by Lyall

December 11, 2008

The word home simply reminds me of Derbyshire, where I was brought up. I’ve always been forward thinking, cosmopolitan and when I was living in Derbyshire my head was never really there. It was always everywhere else in the world, where I would see myself in the future; London, New York, The U.S., India, China… Therefore I’ve never consciously been proud of that county and it’s heritage and used turn away in a snide twist of the body from the over patriots in the area who’d harp on about it.

But since I moved to London just over a year ago, I’ve never felt more at home back up North, and never waste a moment drilling the scenery and history into everyone I’ve taken up there or not as the case may be. I just never appreciated how lucky I was to live for 17 years between two lush green hills, in a quiet, friendly village surrounded by people who just loved their existence.

I’m not saying I miss it so much I have to go back, and I am miserable down here; like I said I’m forward thinking. I lived there- it’s in the past. I’ve build and am still building a life for myself in the city where my roots were grown, and I was grown funnily enough, and my future as a journalist here. But I am, sometimes, definitely home sick.

So in my blog I want to try to share to you the beauty of my home county in a way that is actually interesting. Rather than shoveling some generic pictures of any old green hills on a sunny day, grossly over-zealous and untrue, I am going to show you some photographs I took from the front of my house, overlooking the valley of Lea.






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