HOME by Anika

December 10, 2008

Sun, beach, hundreds of tourists surrounding you…you are thousands of mile away from home. And then you suddenly say: “I am tired. I want to go home.” And no one thinks  you are insane. Home? Flying home for hours just because you are tired? That is not what they think, because they know, you just meant that you want to have a nap in your hotel room.

When I just moved to London it was strange hearing people saying “I’m going home now”, even though they moved into their flat two days ago. When I rang people and asked them, where they were, they said: “I’m home.” What? In Poland?

All these occasions made me wonder: Is a home not more than a room with a bed in it? If we ask a dictionary it tells us many different things. However, the first thing he comes up with is: “A place where you live; a residence”. That would explain the usage of the word “home” above.

But I think it is much more. There are many different sayings about what home is. I quite like that one: Home is where the heart is. It is true. I would modify it to: Home is where my guitar is though.

I got two homes now. Back in Germany I couldn’t wait to move to London for so many years. I hated my home and I just wanted to move away to meet new people and start a new life. Now that I am here in London, my new home, I miss my old home, Germany. I am living a double life now. I have two mobile phones – a German and an English one. I have two guitars now – one in Germany and one in English. I have two boyfriends – a German and an English one. No, just kidding. However, I do have different kind of friends in those two countries. Whereas my friends here in England are mostly students that are two years younger than me and politically neutral, my friends in Germany are up to ten years older, prefer to drink beer the whole day, wear dirty and torn clothes, dye their hair red, blue and green and fight against racism.

Another saying goes like this: You can travel the world to search what you need, but when you return home, you’ll find it. That applies to my situation perfectly. When still in Germany I was day dreaming about how my life would change in London with new and better friends. However, I realized that I can’t find better friends that I already had. Also I could never get along with my mother. Since I have left home, it has become much more my home as my mum has become my best friend.

This video is a nonprofessional documentary of what home means to different people.

The next video is quite interesting as well. A “life long truth seeker” is philosophizing about what home means as part of his video blog. I am sorry about the bad video quality. He was on his way home while asking himself those questions.


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