HOME by Tori

December 10, 2008

Village Green near the Woolpack, Debenham!

Village Green near the Woolpack, Debenham!

Image from Debenham Parish Council

Home for me has for a long time been Kilburn, London, but for some obvious reasons, every time I speak to either parent, especially Dad, he always says, “when you coming HOME then?” Now I can understand that it is the family home which I was brought up in, where my patrents still live, and where I will always be able to take refuge, but seriously Dad, I moved out 6 years ago! It is sweet and endearing however; don’t get me wrong I’m not being ungrateful.

Having lived in London for three years now, it has become my home. I’m not saying that I prefer it to Debenham, Suffolk, but it is the centre of my life now. Debenham (a small rural village on the River Deben, not the Department store on Oxford Street) is where I spent the first fifteen years of my life and it couldn’t be further from Kilburn High Road if it tried. Everybody knows everyone, and talks about them a lot. If there is a burglary in the village, the local busy bodies usually have their theories about who it was (and are usually right!) To be mugged or randomly attacked in Debenham is practically unheard of whereas in Kilburn is a daily occurrence. I got mugged on the Harrow Road a couple of months ago and if I hadn’t been so drunk I’m sure I would have been very frightened. My parents were so horrified when I told them.

Debenham is a picturesque village, the place Christmas cards are made of. It is a stones throw away from Aspall, home of the recently elected Greatest Cider in the World, and other local landmarks include Debebnham’s Teapot Pottery (owned by Tony Carter) Framlingham Castle, Woodbridge School and Bury St Edmunds Cathedral surrounded by Abbey Gardens. Oh and not forgetting Portman Road, home to Ipswich Town Football Club, and previously the home to eight murdered prostitutes!!! Ipswich isn’t the loveliest spot on the Suffolk map but does have it’s redeeming features. I’ll try and think of them by the end of the week.

The loveliest part of Debenham is it’s ratio of pubs to populus; The Woolpack, (has a capacity of about fifteen people comfortably), The Angel, The Cherry Tree, and The Red Lion, and this is one of the only ways which Debenham is similar to Kilburn. Kilburnites and Debenhamites have one thing in common, they like a drink! And the masses of pubs in both places is evidence of that.

No matter where I end up in this world, wherever it be, I’ll always have a home in Debenham. I have a lot of memories from that small village, most of which, surprisingly enough include getting drunk……

Roll on Christmas in Debenham!


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