BOOBS by Skinns

December 9, 2008

Boobs, I can safely say a lot of people like boobs, from a very early age too, although I know sometimes it’s not the fashion in some circles. What worries me is growing a pair. I will just say at this present moment I am in no danger of such an event touch wood.

On several occasions on the news I have heard three statistical facts about Hull. It has the highest density of smokers of any city in the UK, the highest percentage of teenage pregnancy in the UK and finally, the fattest city in the UK. It fills me with pride.

I remember the day when my Dad decided he was going to join the gym, he looked in the mirror and admitted to himself he had moobs, i.e. man boobs or gynecomastia. To save his embarrassment I should add that is no longer the case.

Students don’t have the best diet…breaking news I know, but students are lazy and cannot manage money that well (as a general rule for those of you who are going to be picky or argue for the sake of it.) So you either gain weight from the bad food you eat or you can’t afford to each much and you lose weight.

On the rare occasion I find myself asking housemates whether they think I have pecks or moobs or something in-between. But every now and then I see something about moobs on the television, like Embarrassing Teenage Illness’s and that generally makes me feel better about myself. I think I have a very mild phobia of bouncing down the street when I’m older. That doesn’t stop me eating literal tonnes of chocolate though. God bless quick metabolisms.

All I’ll say is this, I doubt my diet will change any time soon unless I win a vast amount of money and secondly I’ll just do what my Dad did. Nice one Dad.

And yes before you even think it, this was an excellent excuse to be taken seriously when writing about something as childish as the word boobs.


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