BOOBS by Anika

December 9, 2008

What does the word „boobs“ mean to me? I wasn’t present when the words for this blog were picked but I am sure a man is to blame that I have to sit here and philosophize about boobs. But he shall be forgiven, as I am quite opinionated on that one.

Since English is not my mother tongue I have a weird relationship with the word “boobs”. When I first heard that word I equaled it with “tits”, a very offensive synonym for human breasts. Somehow, I can’t separate those two words. Surely, they mean the same thing, only that “tits” is insulting, whereas, as I actually know, “boobs” is a slang word for “breasts”. I know that, but for some reason, my gut feeling is telling me that “boobs” is not a nice word to say.

People smile at me when I tell them what I think about the word “boobs”, but you really have to think about this. You just need to have a look at other words related to it in the English language. You call someone a “boob” to tell him that he is a fool. Maybe that was a bit of a boob, because now that boob doesn’t like you anymore. You boob. Some people also say: You silly tit. Means the same. Again. A booby prize is a “prize that is given as a joke to the person who is last in a competition”, to quote my dictionary again. No one want’s to be the last one in a competition. So a booby prize is nothing nice. A booby trap is a joke to surprise people. What does that have to do with the beauty of the female breast?

This is how a beautiful female breast looks to me.

taken from Flickr

And this is how boobs looks to me….like a joke.

I neither understand the expression “tits” nor “boobs”, since the breast is adored by at least all straight men. There is no reason to become offensive – or at least funny, if you can’t live with boobs as an offensive expression. “Boobs” is a really funny word. Boobs sounds like “whoops”, which is something I say after stumbling – something funny indeed. But the English language provides us with more funny words that are connected with body parts. Butt or bum is a weird expression for your backside. Another funny word is tummy. Or belly. These are cute little words for something that can hurt so much sometimes. I have to live with a constant stomach pain. You think that sounds serious? It doesn’t anymore when I speak of “belly pain”, does it?

Therefore, from the point of view of a non-native speaker, “boobs” is not a really romantic description for breasts. Whatever you think it means, do not use it in my presence as I might think you are very rude.


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